Non-Anesthetic Dentals

We offer anesthesia-free dental cleanings by Animal Dental Care technicians which include hand scaling, ultrasonic scaling and enamel polishing. A detailed chart of your pet’s teeth is maintained and antibiotics are prescribed when necessary. Pets requiring dental X-rays or extractions due to advanced dental disease are typically not candidates for this procedure. To view a video of this procedure, click here.

The anesthesia-free dentals are offered at our office in Fair Oaks and throughout the Sacramento area at our Pet Wellness Clinics listed on our Calendar.  If you wish to request an appointment at one of the Pet Wellness Clinics, use the contact information listed on the calendar for each respective location.

Upcoming Anesthesia-Free Dental Days at Meridian Veterinary Care Clinic

(Appointments available between 9:00am and 5:00pm)

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