The biology of a pet is a rich and complex story. Everything is interconnected. And when you look after the roots of health, your pet will thrive.


Nutrition is the foundation of health. It powers the cellular processes that perform the important functions of your pet’s body. That is why we are passionate about educating every pet owner about how to create a diet that is consistent with your pet’s biological needs. When you feed your pet an anti inflammatory and less processed diet, you’ll see less disease across the spectrum. Your pet will be happier, healthier, and will have a better chance at living longer. Because they belong by your side.

Pain Management

Many pets have chronic health conditions that cause them to suffer in silence. Our greatest passion is the transformative power of pain management. Many pet owners are unaware that there are options beyond western pharmaceuticals. There are modalities and technologies that can heal the root cause of pain within your pet. And when you see a pet’s quality of life change completely because you employ a targeted therapy that alleviates chronic pain, you will experience one of the most beautiful sights in life.

Pioneers in

The future of pain management. That is what we are working to create every day at Meridian Veterinary Care. We use technologies here that are only available at the most advanced veterinary centers in the world. From the valley’s only shockwave machine, to stem cell therapy, to laser therapy and ozone therapy, this is the new frontier of pain management. A frontier that fundamentally changes what is possible. We built it because we understand what your pet means to you. And you both deserve the best life together possible.

Laughs. Love. Licks. Memories. There is so much that you and your pet share. Above all else, we will help you share the healthiest, happiest, longest life together possible.

After all, we believe in making a difference in your life. So give us a call, and let us make a difference in yours.

Making a Difference

Dr. Tsai was very thorough with the exam. Give excellent advices for treatment. Good communication skills.


Always thoughtful and timely care provided. Very glad to have a vet who supports raw feeding and using holistic medicine where appropriate.


My experience here has been nothing short of wonderful from check-ups to surgery. Highly recommend my Veterinarian Dr. Angie Stamm, calm energy, professional and knowledgeable. The staff are all welcoming and great! Thank you for taking care of Hercules.


I absolutely love Meridian. The vets here go out of their way, even on their busiest days to help our furry family members. They always help you look for the best options even if it’s not at their facilities. Great place!


Dr. Stamm and her team have done wonders for my senior German Shepherd. He developed hip and back problems at a relatively early age; and I did not want to shorten his life, or quality of life, by using drugs to ease his pain. Now he runs and plays just as he did when he was younger, and he is no longer depressed. He comes in for regular holistic therapies, and the team at Meridian are always in good spirits and helpful. I have confidence that my dogs and cats are receiving care that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Thanks Meridian!


Dr. Stamm is the best! So gentle and loving to the critters; truly an animal lover, which makes for an awesome animal doctor.


I was recently at your new clinic with my two cats Rosie and Forrest. I just wanted to let you know how fortunate we all feel to have you as our vet. I love your new clinic. But most of all I loue how you incorporate Eastern and Western medicine. What a miracle worker you are to attract three new vets in a time when all the vets seem to have disappeared!! I wish you success in this new venture. And I want you to know I appreciate your willingness to give the three year rabies. I never feel like you are pushing things that don’t really need to be done. I trust you 100%. Just wanted to share.