Dr. Angie Stamm

Angie received her doctorate in veterinary medicine in 2001 from UC Davis. Since then she has been seeking experience, education and skills in integrative modalities such as acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicine, ozone therapy and more in an effort to provide more healing tools for her patients. She realized as a teenager with chronic debilitating headaches [...]

Dr. Tsung-Yu Tsai

Born and raised in the subtropical island of Taiwan, I became a Californian during my teenage years. I studied Animal Science with specialization in animal behavior at University of California, Davis, where I was exposed to a variety of animal related jobs. Through my experience I learned that I really enjoy helping to preserve the [...]

Dr. Megan Miller

Dr. Megan Miller has trained and competed in dog agility for over 18 years. At a very young age, Dr. Miller realized she wanted to give back to the dog sport community by becoming a veterinarian. She attended UC Davis for both her Bachelor's and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees. When her school schedule allowed, [...]

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