Animal Intuitive and Reiki Master Teacher
My life’s work has been helping families and their pets, guiding them through the difficulties and grief that come with the life and death issues of being a pet owner. I have always been able to connect with animals and because I can read their thoughts and feelings, I am able to be a translator between you and your pets.

In 1983 my journey as an intuitive working with animals deepened when I was initiated in Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing art. The clarity of my work with animals continued to increase when I trained in 1989 to teach Reiki at the Master level. As my work with animals and their humans expanded I decided in 1995 to take advanced Animal Communication training with Penelope Smith, the Pioneer in Animal Communications. In 2015 I travelled to the Findhorn community in Scotland to train with Anna Breitenback, renowned Animal Communicator from South Africa.

How I work
I receive intuitively the mental images that your pet is sending to communicate how they are feeling and what they need and desire. I use Reiki and my spiritual connections to tap into, calm, and support your animal’s energy. In facing the challenges of your pet’s illness or their end of life, I create a safe and sacred space for you and your animal that honors the profound love you share. End of life decisions are not easy for any of us, but I specialize in helping you understand what your pet is feeling as I step into their paws and help you make decisions in a way that honors them, their relationship with you, and the sense of loss that death brings. I will be there to support you both.