Veterinary Laser Therapy

Laser Theory Light amplification by stimulated emission rays or L.A.S.E.R. is a means of directing highly concentrated coherent light at a concise wavelength to the muscles, tissues, organs, connective tissue, formed elements of the blood, and the living matrix of the body, are all involved and are all subject to laser stimulation and healing. Photosynthesis [...]

Acupuncture Techniques

I use acupuncture on a daily basis to treat a variety of conditions in pets including allergies, arthritis, intervertebral disc disease, liver and kidney disease and more. Acupuncture works by stimulating specific points on energy pathways (meridians) to optimize circulation, decrease inflammation and regulate of the endocrine and immune systems. There are a variety of [...]

Treating Back Pain Naturally

Back pain in dogs and cats is a very common problem. Many pets show no symptoms at all, whereas others become reluctant to jump onto furniture, into cars or even go as far on their walks. In extreme cases, dogs especially, will become less active or even yelp in pain during certain movements or when [...]

The Kibble Situation

You’ve all heard me recommend that you reduce or eliminate the dry kibble—but is it really all that bad? Dogs and cats have been living on these diets for years. Why change? There are several reasons, but they all point to the same issue—INFLAMMATION. There is an epidemic of inflammation among humans and pets. Most [...]

Natural Flea and Tick Products

Looking for a natural alternative to traditional insecticide-based topical products for fleas and ticks? We have been experimenting with a variety of natural products on our own pets and have found two products that we have been very impressed with. The first product is an essential oil blend called Purification by Young Living which contains [...]

Minimizing Your Pet’s Vaccination Exposure

Have you ever wondered why our pets get so many vaccinations when we humans rarely get boosters after childhood? The traditional dogma in veterinary medicine is that dogs and cats should be vaccinated regularly throughout their lives. Unfortunately, there is more and more scientific evidence to support that this is simply not necessary. Dr. Ronald [...]

Ozone Therapy Treatment

Ozone and other oxygen therapies have been used for over 100 years around the world for human and animal healing. These therapies continue to gain acceptance as the medical community learns about the health benefits of increased oxygen in the body. Currently, ozone therapy and hyperbaric treatments, which bring easily soluble oxygen to target tissues, [...]

Now Offering Electrodermal Screening

New Service! We are now offering Electrodermal Screening (EDS).  The EDS device scans the body and identifies weakened or stressed energy patterns. During the assessment, the animal places two paws on copper electrodes.  The electrodes measure the body’s response by registering the reaction generated by the animal’s pads as energetic signatures are sent to the [...]

Could Your Dog Have Low Thyroid?

Canine hypothyroidism is a very common condition that is often overlooked. The diagnosis and treatment of this condition is straightforward and can make a dramatic difference in your dog’s health and well-being. What are some common symptoms of canine hypothyroidism? The classical symptoms such as lethargic behavior, weight gain and dry skin are not always [...]

Relieve Pain & Stimulate Healing with Shock Wave Therapy

Our most exciting addition yet . . . Now offering Shock Wave Therapy! Shock waves are high-energy focused sound waves generated outside the body that can be focused at a specific site within the body. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) has been used in human medicine for over 25 years to break up kidney stones [...]

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