New Service!

We are now offering Electrodermal Screening (EDS).  The EDS device scans the body and identifies weakened or stressed energy patterns.

During the assessment, the animal places two paws on copper electrodes.  The electrodes measure the body’s response by registering the reaction generated by the animal’s pads as energetic signatures are sent to the body.  Everything – animate and inanimate – has its own “signature” or energetic vibration.

The device loads remedies to balance the energetic insufficiencies.  A homeopathy can be made with the remedies specific to the client’s needs.

This modality is especially valuable in those presenting symptoms or conditions that are unexplained or complex.

The EDS is a great complement to conventional medicine.  It is not a diagnostic tool and is not a replacement for seeking medical attention.


You can read more about EDS at or contact Linda Balestreri at or 916-773-6830.

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